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A place where the legacy of Uzbekistan’s rich textile traditions converges with modern technology.

Our Leadership Team

The Pristine Dry Cleaners leadership team brings a wealth of history and experience to ensure you get the best service every single visit.

Mirvakhid Mirzaitdinov and Ikrom Abdugafarov bring with them a heritage steeped in the beauty and refined touch of intricate textiles and Terry Shields brings over 40 years of Dry Cleaning experience. Together the team has been adding more advanced technology so that the quality of cleaning and the communication to our customers is always improving.  


A Company Culture Built on an Appreciation of our Staff

Pristine Dry Cleaners goes beyond a tradition and technology focused company. Gratitude and appreciation of our staff’s exceptional level of customer care is the core of our past and future success.

Celebrate and experience an array of optimal services founded on proven family and business principles. 

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